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26th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards

Last night Margot attended the Gotham Awards in New York, wearing a long-sleeve white Calvin Klein v-neck gown. Enjoy viewing photos!

Arriving to LAX (15/09)

I’ve added candids of Margot and her boyfriend arriving to LAX on November 15, enjoy viewing these photos!

Candids:Leaving JFK Airport(2/10)

I’ve added Photos of Margot at JFK Airport today, enjoy viewing them!

Margot hosting Saturday Night Live

Last night Margot hosted Saturday Night Live, I’ve added promotional photoshoots and pictures from her sketches,enjoy viewing them!

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Margot on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon! 29/09

I’ve added stills of Margot on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon,enjoy viewing them!

Photoshoots:IO Donna

I’ve added photos of Margot’s photoshoot for IO Donna with her Legend of Tarzan co-star Alexander Skarsgård, enjoy viewing them!

Photoshoots:Cinema Today

Photoshoots:Cinema Today

I’ve added a photoshoot of Margot to our gallery for Cinema Today with Will Smith and Karen Fukuhara,enjoy viewing them!

Photoshoots:Spur Tokyo

I’ve added Photoshoots of Margot for Spur Tokyo which was shot during the Japan Suicide Squad premiere,thanks to the fans who donated them in High Quality!

August 4th:Adding finishing touches to Ryan Meades mural

I’ve added photos of Margot and her Suicide Squad cast adding finishing touches to the Ryan Meades mural,enjoy!

Empire Magazine September 2016 scans

I’ve added scans of Margot in the September issue of Empire Magazine,enjoy viewing them!

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