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Suicide Squad Gallery Update

Suicide Squad Gallery Update

I have added screencaptures of Margot in Suicide Squad as “Harley Quinn” You can also find new additional stills to our gallery too, enjoy viewing them!

Suicide Squad Extended Cut Announcement

Warner Bros have just released a trailer of the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad,It will be avaliable on Digital HD 11/15 and Blu-ray 12/13!. Can’t wait to purchase it!

SUICIDE SQUAD “HARLEY QUINN” – Behind The Scenes Movie B-roll

Take a look at behind the scenes of “Suicide Squad” Harley Quinn scenes.

Empire Magazine September 2016 scans

I’ve added scans of Margot in the September issue of Empire Magazine,enjoy viewing them!

(Screencaps)Tipsy Talk with Margot Robbie

Margot was recently featured in a video with Youtuber Hazel Hayes,i’ve added screencaps of the video to our gallery enjoy!

August 3rd:Suicide Squad European Premiere

I’ve added photos of Margot at the Suicide Squad premiere at Leicester Square in London enjoy viewing them!

New Suicide Squad stills

New Suicide Squad stills

I’ve added new stills of Margot in Suicide Squad,enjoy viewing them!

August 1st: Suicide Squad premiere in New York

I’ve added images of Margot at the Suicide Squad premiere in New York check the gallery for more photos!

Suicide Squad Promo Artwork

Suicide Squad Promo Artwork

I’ve added images of the Suicide Squad promotional artwork that have been shared on Social media’s,enjoy!

Additional Suicide Squad stills

I’ve added new Suicide Squad stills to our gallery,enjoy!

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